I’m moving on but I’m still in love with you,
I try hard not to think of you,
Times when I think you are gone from my mind,
Are the times when I feel that love is blind,
When the days are harder without you,
The bittersweet memories lingers longer,
You did me wrong,
You did it fine,
I was too naive,
And eternally blind…

The luck of a bird

I made the effort,
I made the walk,
I smiled through the days,
That were hard.

I held up my head,
I held up my arms,
In prayer to the God,
Who makes it alright.

The days passed,
The nights were dark,
With a speck of light,
From the divine hearth.

Alas, it all failed,
Nothing worked,
For some of us bring,
The luck of a bird.

Lonely is the night

Winding up alone,
On a cold winter night,
Heart’s all sore,
With no one to cry with.
They might come with you,
Maybe for some time,
No one to hold you,
All through the night.
Such is the way of life,
The wise men said,
They never told you,
What it actually felt like.
Here I’m,
For better or worse,
Pouring my own drink,
To hell on Earth.

What’s in it for you?

They looked at you with sad eyes,

Your heart couldn’t bear the sight.

It’s not that there was no choice,

But you still insisted and tried.


Someone called you up at midnight,

There was fear and disappointment in their voice.

You were so sleepy and tired,

Yet, you stayed up and listened to their plight.


He had too much of work in the night,

All he could do was breathe – alright.

You saw that and prayed for his fight,

Because you were the one consoling his fright.


Sometimes we give it all we got,

We never hold back.

What’s in it for you?

You may ask,

There is nothing left at all,

Just a space filled with others lives.

Silent voice

Amidst all noise,
I hear your voice,
I listen to you,
And I want to stop time.

You speak to me,
Through the loudest,
I miss your company,
Through the crowd.

Keep talking,
Don’t stop,
I’m holding onto your faint voice
Like its my life line.

You fill my thoughts,
I can’t let go now,
I’m wanting you so bad,
That I would follow your whisper.

Bliss me…

I think of you…
At moments of bliss,
When things are the way they are,
When nothing is…
Your face is what I see…
In these moments,
When you are a sunshine,
That doesn’t burn my skin…
If I could,
I would,
Be with you in this moment,
When we shall be together in this,
In this, blissful moment…

Silent Despair

Loneliness spreads over,

Covering every nook and corner,

Once stood a place of happiness,

Now lies in shades of darkness…

The silence crawls through,

Even through the day that is bright,

Words are never spoken or heard,

Nothing cuts through the echoes of Earth…

Emptiness and sorrow,

Wiped through the fort of life,

We cringe,

We wait,

We never sleep,

We never made it to the creek…

Happiness deluded us,

Left us in pain,

That one soul may smile in content,

While the other rots in silent despair….

Take my hand

Through the darkness,
And the shadows,
I will hold your hand,
So we can see through this together,
Don’t let go,
Don’t be afraid,
I’m not going to let you go,
I want you to know,
I will be there…
This is not forever,
This pain will go,
This will be better,
Once we are in this together,
So take my hand,
And walk with me,
Where there is light,
There is hope,
Hope to make all of it better,
Through this time of darkness and shadows…


Written for someone I deeply care about when they were going through a not so ‘great’ day! I have realized that when you connect with certain people, you feel their pain. It is disturbing at the same time scary because you allow yourself to feel so much for a person and all what they are and what they go through reflects on you. Yet I take this as a blessing because if I could at least make one person feel better and secure and maybe got them to breathe easy – That for me is the greatest gift I give myself! Thank you Gob!

Yours forever!

As I wake up tonight,

I see the love in your eyes,

You smile at me lovingly,

While you hold my gaze longingly,

A few steps that I want to take,

So I can get close to you,

Hold your arms wide open,

So I can fall into your sweet embrace,

Hug me hard,

Like you always do,

Wishing my soul was yours to do,

Want me more, like no other,

Want my soul so I can be yours forever!


My dear old life!

Born under the August moon,

Little did I know on how I would boom,

Lonely walks and blissful nights,

Have been a part of my dear old life.

Through the times of lone and despair,

Has been the arms of friends who were there,

Sobbed a bit and laughed a lot,

So I could get through this dear old life.

People come, People go,

Seen so many new faces and old ones that I know,

We make memories and share stories together,

Yet we know this time will not be forever.

My dear old life is getting old,

So is my soul that has grown old,

Now I know what the August moon is like,

Because I lived my life through its light.