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Dark alleys

Through the alleys of darkness,
Light shines at the end of the tunnel,
Holding onto dear life,
I keep stepping forward.

Every step of the way,
Is a minute of what can be…
Every breath you take,
Is a relief of what life could be…

Hope is all you got,
Hold onto it now…
Because when you near the end,
You might die happy,
Knowing that a light at the end,
Was an oncoming train,
That helped you put your misery,
To an end!


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Dark is your soul

Darkness resides,
In the depth of your eyes,
Your soul is waking dead,
To bury the sins alive…
Take my hand,
I will show you the light,
That shines within you,
In a black room of delight…
Burn yourself,
Watch you die,
Go up in flames,
Up in the sky…
I will mourn for you,
At your grave,
I will spread your ashes,
Among the brave…

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