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Bliss me…

I think of you…
At moments of bliss,
When things are the way they are,
When nothing is…
Your face is what I see…
In these moments,
When you are a sunshine,
That doesn’t burn my skin…
If I could,
I would,
Be with you in this moment,
When we shall be together in this,
In this, blissful moment…


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I wanna fuck you over!


I wanna fuck you over,

Walk all over your head,

Punch you so hard,

That your bones break.


I wanna fuck you over,

Kick you in the balls,

Make you feel the pain,

That you put me over.


I wanna fuck you over,

Because your face says it,

Just like you misread mine,

And fucked me over.


I wanna fuck you over,

Because it’s going to make me feel better,

It will be unicorns, rainbows and sunshine,

Like diamonds in my hand.

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We will never be but we will always dance with the wind. It is the only place that fate will not matter because the wind will take us where we want to be!

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