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The only reason why someone could be up at 06:30am on a Saturday morning is………. OK, let’s not even go there.. I’m HUNGRY.. The simple reason enough to make anyone crawl out of bed anytime and go on that hunt, the hunt for food..

Here’s a re-cap to why I ended up in a hungry state. I have had only Breakfast yesterday and kept living my lunch meal off with Coffee in hand, as I pleased. (I know this is me making the most absurd decision by not eating & I also can hear the most sanest ppl out there telling me, ‘you are going to be in trouble for that’)so yes, I know and I think of actually making a conscious effort to eat & eat on time..

Last night was one of those nights that you kept looking for food and couldn’t seem to find any! It was actually very hard to give up on food. Alas I did after much sniffing & snooping, I FOUND NOTHING to fill my empty, growling stomach. I settled for the next best option, Water :). It is a true gift of God and yes when you drink it with the intention of letting it fill you up, it does 😀

Here’s a little thought for today- I had actually gone to sleep one night hungry but I atleast had an option of drinking water. How about most of the people out there who live in poverty, with no proper meals, no clean water, not even a tiny biscuit pack in their hand. Smarties & Chocolates are just a part of Disney World for them & then you also wonder how many of them actually know about a fancy land like that?? I’m pretty sure most of us make a conscious effort in feeding someone in need or handing over a couple of bucks so they could buy a meal (If you aren’t, start doing it now).

Life goes by a single rule and we all interpret it in different ways and have different names to it too.. Here’s my version:

“The more good things you give, the better stuff you get, the bad things you do, the worst you ever get”

Choose what you do in life wisely because at the end of the day, one wrong done(without immediate correction or repentance) can actually come back to bite you!

It is officially 07:30am and I do want to go back to sleep. Remember it’s the weekend!! Hope you guys had a great head start 😀



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Start voting people, after all It’s FRIDAY!!!!!!

Have your say 😀

Have fun!!

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