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Thank you to Life!!

Happy Birthday to my young soul!!!

It’s been a quite a journey and one hell of a ride… we are so caught up in the whole ride that we actually forget many of the people who had travelled along with us, some who have helped us…and many who just made a difference but vanished before we knew it…

Make hay while sun shines. So here I am penning my thanks unto those who have made a huge difference in my life – just by being there, being a part of my life or by helping me when I needed the most…This is the Birthday Gift I wish to give to myself…

There is no specific order in which this is listed and it does not mean that anybody is less important or more important than the other. What all of you need to know is:

  • You are in my life
  • You are important to me
  • You have touched my life in many untold ways
  • I’m always grateful to what you are to me and I will not change a thing about us unless for the better 🙂

GOD – To this very moment, I’m so grateful that God had not given up on me. I have had my days, I have had my doubts and I had even spoken in ways that would have hurt him but in all these days, he has been there for me, watching me, guiding me and letting me see the light and the way through his shining rays. Dear God, today I thank thee for making me who I’m and for giving me the strength to wake up and face another day with your grace. I shall move forward with your blessings and will hold onto my faith through all good times and bad times. I shall pray for better days and better years ahead for all of us.

My Family – as much as I’m more of an outsider with my family, I know I wouldn’t have been who I’m without their support. Sometimes we might not talk as much as we want to or share anything more than a piece of bread at dinner but somehow seeing those familiar faces tells me that I’m home. Sometimes we do find life outside home and with situations they are going to be more fruitful but I shall always remember God chose family, so he made that bond unbreakable…. I shall keep that in mind. Thank you for providing me with a family.

Friends – I have had many, lost a few and still have a bunch J Friends are a true blessing given by God. Thank God we can choose our friends!!! Every one of them in their own way has made my life better, be it a smile, a morning hug, just a talk or putting out a fire. You have been there and you have made my day, mood and my life better. Thank you.  Here’s to mention a few:

  • Hype Queen – what can I say; the hugs throughout the day and those mean conversations we throw back at each other have sometimes being my only laugh for the day. I had driven you nuts and so have you (you know you have) but I still do love you. I’m glad that Leo has given me a few things and one is you!! Keep in touch!
  • Sanity Saint – You’re the saint and the sane. Without you, Suda & I would be pretty lost with all our crazy plans, be it shopping, dressing for a party or even telling a cab driver the route. You’re the best. You have made my life easier and you’re another blessing from Leo too.
  • Little Ms. Crazy – Ah!!!! We are crazy, I very often look at you as my kid sister but you are no kid, I tell you 😀 You made me a very good year end of 2010 and the blessings have been rolling on this year!! The times we have shared, the laughs, the dances and not forgetting the cherry story, it’s been fabulous knowing you. You have made life a teeny bit crazier!! A Good dose 🙂
  • Dr.PMOM(Put me out of Misery) – My personal “Dearest” Counselor… I love you to pieces!!!! You are my perspective to a better world and to the scary side of MEN. Thank you for making time for me no matter how crazy the situation is. Without you, I would have never had remedies for the mess I create. We have known each other for  5 years and yes it’s been great knowing you!! My soul feels lighter!
  • A Friend Anytime  – My, My, where can I start??? We haven’t had the most communicative of friendship but we talk when we do!!! I think that shows that you need not meet or speak to someone daily to know if we are friends or not? You have listened to my sob stories and to the funny ones. Thank you for the patience and you still owe me a coffee and the Birthday Treat!! Waiting on that 🙂
  • Mr. Indie – Well, I had no idea how to define the friendship we had because every time I kept telling you we were friends, you would just tell me other wise!! It has been the shortest time that we have met, acquainted and being friends. I love the bitching sessions I have had with you and then the most serious of talks too. Thank you for being the only “Sarcky” (Sarcastic) friend I got!
  • Ad Boy – attentive as you are, you have always made me feel important. I just bet it’s the client servicing tactics you are using, lolz J Thank you Dinesh, the chats, the long talks and those advices I treasure! Most importantly the songs, you have made my life musical!
  • Emo – Hell yeah, you are different but different is always good! I have known you for a short time but damn I have made a network of friends with you. You make my world a smaller place! Thank you for helping me out with anything and specially the recent one J I know you are going to be smiling when reading this. I’m glad that I have met you and I’m still waiting to sign on that wall!
  • The American – We haven’t met at all but we still have been there for each other through the tough times that each one of us has been through. The common link in our friendship has always been God and I’m thankful to God for bringing you into my life. Thank you for calling me “The Muslim Princess” and that has always put a smile on my face. My wish for you is that you hold on to God as he will always be there and not let you down. Thank you for the prayers!
  • To the ones who are no more friends – We must have shared good times but when good times come to an end… we learn to let go and forge ahead. Life is always ahead. There is not hatred for that!
  • To the ones who have come back to being friends – There is a reason as to why we were apart. I hope and pray that now we have realized the worth of one is to another.
  • To the friends who are new and who I have not mentioned here– We meet people and we have purpose to fulfill. We fulfill them to the best of our capabilities. Some will stay and grow with us; some will move away and shine ahead. It’s all a blessing that we should be thankful for! I’m to meet you all 🙂

Michi (Made in Heaven) – A true gift! I’m thankful to this very moment that I had met you on that day with my CV! God has shown his ways through you and God has also made me learn the best lessons from you. I would not just merely call you a friend because that would never explain what you have been to me. You are more than that! A sister, a guiding light, a northern star, a well wisher and someone I can always look up to! As a person you are amazing. Your kindness and compassion towards life has only left me wondering, “If only everyone thought that way?” You are blessed and you are a blessing to everyone you meet! I’m proud to know you and I’m glad that my life is richer by knowing you are just a call away! You are beautiful and you should always remember that! My prayer is that even if God ever plans to take you away that it should never be an unpleasant one!

I have almost come to an end but how shall I end without mentioning someone who has made my life sweeter, better and a bit spicier! Yes it is you – Daddy. None at that moment who had made me feel the way you do! It’s been crazy, happy and a bit bumpy but one joyful hell of a ride. I will always hold you in my prayers. From the moment we have met it has been God’s blessings that I have sought after. I believe that God loves us and will be there with every step that we take. He has always shown us the way and guided us to be who we are today, together and as a person. We have come a long way and I have not regretted anything as to what we have made together for us. You have made my dreams come true (every bit of it) and how I shall thank you for the most modern device that you had given just to brighten up my birthday! (Your attempt in making me posh, lolz) 🙂 Thank you God for blessing me with you! You are my treat from heaven and I love you!


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