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It’s a happy day!

Seeing the blue skies,
The crashing waves,
Silence of the drive,
Your heart is at delight.

Look into yourself,
See what’s in your heart,
That which gave you pain,
Will also give you gain.

Seek not to be more,
Strive not be lesser,
Walk on Earth knowing,
This moment matters.

It’s a Happy Day!


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Monday was crazy! Welll, I did not think it would be any less but I had gotten through the madness and carefully closed up the day to hopefully move on to a better Tuesday – ‘One can only hope’. This is what made me thinking. How many of us are waiting for ‘moments’ to happen in our life? We put so much of effort into thinking of that ‘wow’ or ‘gah’ and some of us go to the extent of planning it and we are always by and large proved that life throws us a different ‘wow’ or a ‘gah’. Now most of you would go like “what the hell is she talking about?”

What I’m talking about? We are humans, the very simple kind who are trained to the conform sort of life by the society. We are taught what a moment should be like. We are provided by guidelines for a moment. A moment should feel like butterflies in your stomach or walking on a floating cloud or simply the highest feel point in your life. When you do look back on life with the most prominent times, were your moments as identical as this? I’m not telling you that they are not meant to feel this way but I’m asking you if what you planned is what you felt?

Moments for me are when life catches you off guard and you are letting things happen to you. This could be you performing one of your random acts of kindness, or organizing a surprise party for the one you love, better yet, maybe the wedding that you always wanted. All of these would take a considerable amount of planning along with the plans for the response as well. I know all of you would agree that plans don’t go 100 percent to your liking. That moment when things happen (the ones that you didn’t plan for) is the moment of your life. The ones that you would one day hopefully sit on a porch telling stories of your youth to your grandchildren or just the reminiscing of memories…. Your response, innocent and unguarded is your moment in life.

Let it happen! Let yourself experience new things, open up your arms to a world of possibilities. Let your memories be the ones that happened to you because you trusted in life so much it gave you nothing but the best to keep, in your heart. The place that you leave will be the place that gave you so much of happiness in moments because you opened up yourself for the experience because you trusted that you deserved the best.

Planning is good. Questioning is good. Curiosity is the best to let yourself be reassured that moments like ‘this’ will happen only when you know not what to expect but being open to the challenge of trusting what life will throw at you with all what you remember when you re-collect those mini events that made it all up to your ‘wow’ & ‘gah’…

Let it happen!

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