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They looked at you with sad eyes,

Your heart couldn’t bear the sight.

It’s not that there was no choice,

But you still insisted and tried.


Someone called you up at midnight,

There was fear and disappointment in their voice.

You were so sleepy and tired,

Yet, you stayed up and listened to their plight.


He had too much of work in the night,

All he could do was breathe – alright.

You saw that and prayed for his fight,

Because you were the one consoling his fright.


Sometimes we give it all we got,

We never hold back.

What’s in it for you?

You may ask,

There is nothing left at all,

Just a space filled with others lives.


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There is nothing more precious than this moment. Here is now. The feeling that embraces you knowing that this moment is the happiest that you will ever be is a great achievement in life. I have lived and I’m living. I’m not afraid to die at this moment when death conquers me. I have so many things going on in my life, it’s like a chaos house. Recruitment campaigns, a pending beer chat, key money to pay, moving into a new place, trying to get through a whole month, maybe a day, get a weirdo off my phone inbox – all of that but who cares?

It all falls into place when you dedicate yourself to living… Look around, the young trees are green, the dying ones are brown, the bird sings, the sun shines and the world moves… It’s all in place and it will continue to be so. There is nothing special. Being in a state of consciousness and not forgetting to breathe and most importantly feeling the inhalation and exhalation of breath will make it al-right.

Just breath yourself into life, NOW – This is all you got!

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