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Someone I have to see on a daily basis ruined my morning!! Why or How?? Let me tell you- by barging into your breakfast break time and talking relentlessly about work that is supposed to be done by them! In short, passing the buck to me on the work that is supposed to be done by them.. So I was like an angered dragon the whole morning till I landed my eyes on Pooh!!

He is too cute to be angry at, better yet- I drew him!!! Feeling so Pooh-ous now 🙂


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Known anybody in your life who can be a good companion and at the same time turn around and be a Bitch for life!!!

Gosh I just know someone and it’s irritating the hell outta me!!! Urgh!!! The reason why it gets to me is because for once I cant make up my mind on what sort she is? or maybe how I need to treat her in return?

I’m not the kind who judges people on the 1st meeting or even later  because I very much believe everybody has a reason to be doing what they are doing, even though it reflects negatively or positively on others. What bothers me right now is in-despite of me not judging her, I still cant figure out how I need to react to this person.  Should I be a cold bitch when she is to me? should I still share a laugh with her knowing that maybe, just maybe the next second she is just going to back-stab me with something (God knows what??)

Hmmmmm, Hummmmmm, Mmmmmmmmm and a bleak noise ………………………

I’m reacting badly because she is getting on my nerves and I know this post could have a lot of mistakes but I’m just writing this whole thing at the heat of the moment. Ok, it’s hard to get her so I’m just going to take it as it comes!!!


Who's the Bitch Now???


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