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My love for you is blind

I’m moving on but I’m still in love with you,
I try hard not to think of you,
Times when I think you are gone from my mind,
Are the times when I feel that love is blind,
When the days are harder without you,
The bittersweet memories lingers longer,
You did me wrong,
You did it fine,
I was too naive,
And eternally blind…


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Silent voice

Amidst all noise,
I hear your voice,
I listen to you,
And I want to stop time.

You speak to me,
Through the loudest,
I miss your company,
Through the crowd.

Keep talking,
Don’t stop,
I’m holding onto your faint voice
Like its my life line.

You fill my thoughts,
I can’t let go now,
I’m wanting you so bad,
That I would follow your whisper.

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Yours forever!

As I wake up tonight,

I see the love in your eyes,

You smile at me lovingly,

While you hold my gaze longingly,

A few steps that I want to take,

So I can get close to you,

Hold your arms wide open,

So I can fall into your sweet embrace,

Hug me hard,

Like you always do,

Wishing my soul was yours to do,

Want me more, like no other,

Want my soul so I can be yours forever!


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Part of me

You are a part of me,

Even when we are apart,

You are inside me,

Where I hold you deep within me,

You are a part of me,

I could feel everything you feel,

I can hear your cries,

I can feel your moment of joy,

Because you are still a part of me,

You will always be,

In a special place in my heart,

Even if you walk away,

The place you hold will always be vacant,

Any time you need me,

Hold your hand up against the mirror,

And see my reflection in you,

You will feel me as a part of you,

Because you are still a part of me!

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Now & forever

Waking up to a night,
With you by my side,
The warmth of your skin,
Keeping me safe through the night..
Holding your hands,
Sleeping on the curve of your arm,
Feeling your breath on me,
Is all I need…
With every touch,
Every smile,
Happiness has visited us,
To delight our hearts…
With a kiss,
You feel close to me,
Even though it’s sore,
It’s more than what my heart could speak,
To let you know,
It’s now, if not forever…

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IMG_20130616_160443In my standards, the 3 things that makes life better…. Written at the beach and when the waves wash away this, we can do it all over again…

Just like Life 🙂

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A coffee in hand

A little too much coffee,
A little less sleep,
A little bit of anger,
Spreads through this heat…

A little bit of remorse,
And a lifetime of regrets,
A heart that’s burdened,
Never fails to carry the weight…

You never will be there,
I have known that in despair,
You may never come to me,
Even though I’m in agony…

A little too close,
I’m from walking away,
Every step you take towards me,
Is making me stay…

Don’t hold back now,
Cause I want you so,
Don’t let me go,
Cause I want you more…

Stay a while,
And hear me out,
With a coffee in life,
We will get through this alright!

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