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Take my hand

Through the darkness,
And the shadows,
I will hold your hand,
So we can see through this together,
Don’t let go,
Don’t be afraid,
I’m not going to let you go,
I want you to know,
I will be there…
This is not forever,
This pain will go,
This will be better,
Once we are in this together,
So take my hand,
And walk with me,
Where there is light,
There is hope,
Hope to make all of it better,
Through this time of darkness and shadows…


Written for someone I deeply care about when they were going through a not so ‘great’ day! I have realized that when you connect with certain people, you feel their pain. It is disturbing at the same time scary because you allow yourself to feel so much for a person and all what they are and what they go through reflects on you. Yet I take this as a blessing because if I could at least make one person feel better and secure and maybe got them to breathe easy – That for me is the greatest gift I give myself! Thank you Gob!


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Dark is your soul

Darkness resides,
In the depth of your eyes,
Your soul is waking dead,
To bury the sins alive…
Take my hand,
I will show you the light,
That shines within you,
In a black room of delight…
Burn yourself,
Watch you die,
Go up in flames,
Up in the sky…
I will mourn for you,
At your grave,
I will spread your ashes,
Among the brave…

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