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Known anybody in your life who can be a good companion and at the same time turn around and be a Bitch for life!!!

Gosh I just know someone and it’s irritating the hell outta me!!! Urgh!!! The reason why it gets to me is because for once I cant make up my mind on what sort she is? or maybe how I need to treat her in return?

I’m not the kind who judges people on the 1st meeting or even later  because I very much believe everybody has a reason to be doing what they are doing, even though it reflects negatively or positively on others. What bothers me right now is in-despite of me not judging her, I still cant figure out how I need to react to this person.  Should I be a cold bitch when she is to me? should I still share a laugh with her knowing that maybe, just maybe the next second she is just going to back-stab me with something (God knows what??)

Hmmmmm, Hummmmmm, Mmmmmmmmm and a bleak noise ………………………

I’m reacting badly because she is getting on my nerves and I know this post could have a lot of mistakes but I’m just writing this whole thing at the heat of the moment. Ok, it’s hard to get her so I’m just going to take it as it comes!!!


Who's the Bitch Now???



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Remember the days you got so much in your mind and you wake up thinking, “oh, I got to be there early!”But end up going to work late anyways. Today is one of those days. Well, practically who cares? Hmmm… Wait, Lord Voldemort would! Hehehe…

Well to start off the morning with, it was rush rush. The washrooms are the not the best of places to be at when you are having one of those days.  Time moves on and you still find yourself in the shower pondering…pondering about what, God knows! A woman’s mind is not the ideal place to be IN at that moment 😀 There I was in the shower not getting past the shower gel and it was already 08:15am. I had asked the meter tuk tuk to be there by 08:00am and ‘oh’ I can hear those silent curses he must be muttering under his breath. I finally got out of the loo only to be greeted by my Hitlersis. Let’s just hear the greeting now, “Why the hell do you have to leave the door open, could you just not close the door! Don’t you have any manners as such? I just turned back and replied in my most polite tone (When I tell you it’s polite, I really mean that. People who know me will know what the tone is!) I only left the door open because when I was in someone knocked because for the most obvious reason, they wanted to use it too. So I just left it open so they could go in to do their business ASAP. Besides why the harsh tone in the morning, it just started and the smiley face was visible to her. She retorted back with a “What the hell do you think talking back to me like that? What do you know? Nothing! What do you have? Nothing! And who the hell do you think you are to talk to me like that? I just held that moment to absorb everything what she had said and thought, “was she going through mid life crisis or PMS”. Well doesn’t matter, she still doesn’t have to talk to me like that!

This is for you Hitlersis – 😀

Who am I?

  • Your freaking sibling who was born 4 years after and they had me because they saw you lonely. I was the company you required to show you the way.

What do you know?

  • I’m certainly not ‘Ms. Know It All’ but I do know a little bit more than you do. Here’s a list to read at your heart’s content:
    • I know what it likes to be employed and to earn a living. I also know how to spend that money than throwing tantrums at someone to get money for your own needs.
    • I know how to commute by bus if all my providing fails and I do not wait on anybody to take me places. I do it! I don’t wait for my car to come around so I can hop in and not know where I’m going till they take me there.
    • I’m independent and free to choose who, what and where I want to be, unlike you who is fixed and bound by responsibilities.
    • I’m free enough to analyze, compromise and make decisions in my life than being a sissy or depend on someone to make my decisions.
    • I can go on but I do not want to be a MPOT (Monkey Praising its Own Tail)

What do you have?

  • Let’s not even start here. True, I do not have as much as money as you do, have a cupboard full of designer perfumes or wait for the super luxury to pamper me but I’m happy with what I have. Here’s a few again (Sorry about listing it down so much) Like they say, when you have it, flaunt it!
    • I have Love in my life – love to live my life, to do the things I want, the freedom to choose, to face consequences and get up every time I fall. PS: If you ever had fallen the number of times that I did, you will be 6 feet under by now.
    • Friends – I have friends from all walks of life. I learn from them, I share with them and I also live a little bit in their shoes to understand that everybody’s journey is different. You are selfish to the extent that you won’t even give me that shoe which you brought years ago and have no intention of wearing it but you just want to hold on to it because you put up a fight with the Sales Executive. How lame!!! Thank God, I ain’t you! (if you are wondering why I spoke about the shoe, I have been eyeing that for years and thought she would actually give it to me now that she clearly doesn’t wear it. I had asked about it and she simply refused).
    • Like how Daddy commented this morning when I told him about the morning ordeal, “Baby, I’m the best thing she never had” (I’m stroking his ego now :D)
    • I have lived, loved, fallen and I’m still alive and the best part is you can never be me. Now that’s what I got and which you can never have! Take that Hitlersis!

I have listed it out and I feel much better. I could have told all of this to her face but I didn’t. It is not because I was afraid of her but because I didn’t want to waste my time talking to someone who is conceited, besides, I have to RUSH to work!!

Say What??

Plugged in the ear phones and listening to SHM (Swedish House Mafia) was not a bad idea! Who’s gonna save my world?? I sat silently throughout the journey thinking of something really scary (I will talk about this in the next post). The more I thought, the scarier it became so let’s snap out of it for a while and move on to the next – HARD EARNED LIVING!

Lord Voldemort had already got to Hogwarts. How did I know? The wagon was here! I know what you are thinking, for obvious reasons, This Voldemort cannot teleport into a smoke of darkness (Sorry to burst your bubble but guess it was expected, Lolz). Facing the Lord of Dark Magic was not a daunting task at all today. The encounter with Hitlersis helped 😀

I had settled myself well and happily went onto my ‘Things to do’ easily. Running around and getting things done was fun today! Time to revitalize, so it’s coffee time. There I was sitting at the deck area, drinking away my forbidden desire and as usual my partner in crime with me. I stare into void thinking about the day ahead and somebody comes up to me and asks, “Do you have one that I could borrow?” My Mind said, “WHAT?? You want one from me? Are you kidding me? Do you ever return if you do take one?” Pretty composed and well thought about the reply and I just extended my hand and offered. “Is that the only one?” Just a nod was the answer.

Why don't you buy for yourself?

Honestly, if I can buy my own stuff why the hell can’t you?? It is okay to give once in a while as long as people do return the favour. Some people just know the Art of ONLY TAKING. (Trust me, this person only takes and never returns). I have given in the past to this particular person and also got to know that they come from a well to do background. I realized a few things:

  • They never return anything (even though they take it on a returnable basis)
  • If you really want to puff away, why don’t you do it in your own money? So I guess as much as I’m lying to a person’s face, I’m still going to give a clear-cut, ‘NO’.
  • If I can scrape money off to face my addiction, I bet you can too!
  • Next time you want to take at all, just make sure you give especially as tangible as ‘The Puff’.

Off my chest and feel a bit lighter. I have already made Lunch plans with Daddy. A little bit of sanity time with a whole lot of drama.

See ya soon!!!

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