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The sharp pain was becoming more prominent. It was closing up on me but for some reason I seem to be smiling at it, maybe, just for a second I thought it will all end. What is the end? Where is the end? The end is all over and you see hundreds of people who die in natural hazards and there are the other hundreds who die for different reasons. It all finishes at some point. I heard this many a times – Death is not the greatest loss in life, the greatest loss is what dies in us while we live? How many of us are really living then?

The dice spin and lands on a green paper!! It smells wonderful and nice and fresh out of the Royal Mint. Well what can we talk about right now rather than the paper that actually spins the world around? Money! It is so vital and more like the entire pulse of the situation depends on it. I know and I have also heard it a million times – Money is not everything in this world. Well yes, I agree with all those people out there but let me also add-on to that thought – Money may not be everything in this world but with Money everything is possible. If you don’t agree with me, maybe you should try answering these questions:

  • How many people are genuinely interested in providing you a meal a day – free of charge?
  • How come when you do stare at something long enough during window shopping, the CS does not offer you the item for free?
  • How come that when you decide to give the beggar change, you would think twice of whether he is using your money wisely?
  • If you can, list down one thing a person would repeatedly do without charging you the green note? Please go ahead!

 I rest my case on Money, Money, Money – Rich Man’s World.

Expectations seem to be the way of life these days. It starts right from the time you were born. Your parents start it, followed by siblings, family, teachers, friends, gf/bf, husband/wife, children and the entire cycle repeats. God dammit just stop. That’s a whole lot of shit to take on. How come that when you don’t live to a certain level of expectations that you are looked down upon at the same time you hear everyone out there who repeatedly tell you, live your life because Life is too short. Really?? You think I didn’t know that? I have seen enough deaths in my family to know that life is short. If everyone knew that Life is short, why the f*** don’t they let people live their life to their level of expectations. Why set expectations for me and then judge me based on your scale? Expectations aren’t bad if they are set by you for yourself and you raise it for you to do better. That’s your own challenge and who could know your capabilities better than you? Why do people feel that we have to live up to theirs?

 The Freedom – for some it could be dipping your feet into a pond for a natural pedicure and for others it could mean having the time to do what you like? Either way, Freedom is genuinely liked by everyone; however it becomes a limitation when you have to consider the opportunity of freedom for another person. What is freedom? To have and create the opportunity that serves the vision of your life and working towards it. In simple words, it’s finding your passion and working for it so it becomes an unsinkable reality. This is where the twist is – When you try to find the passion, they would tell you 101 things and you still manage to go ahead with it. Every step you take there after adds on to another 101 things. Till they see you fall down, they would not stop. Here’s what happens when you fall, the ‘I told you so’ smile becomes wide and clear on their faces. Remember that people fall, everyone does. The beauty of Life is not in never falling but rise every time you fall. So next time you want freedom, just be prepared with a first aid kit 😀


The Maze of the Mind
The Maze of the Mind!!

Chaotic, isn’t it? Welcome to the insides of the mind!


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It’s Coming!! Oh darn, it’s here…

It’s been a CRAZY week!! Don’t ask me why, how or what happened? Every possible thing that you could think of had slipped into my neat, not so crazy life and created havoc and imbalance in every ounce possible. I look at it more like a whirlwind or better yet, a subtle earthquake with a freaking ‘HIGH’ magnitude.

Enough about how crazy it can get but as many of us sometimes state on & off ‘Life goes on’. It sure does!

Life, I state is one big GAME OF GAMBLE! This does not mean that it’s merely controlled by ‘Luck or Fate’, rather of ‘Control freaks’ who are so obsessed in winning.


Winning is another episode. An episode that people are very happy about the fact that they got their way. Rarely thinking of how many hearts or lives they would have broken, they pop the champagne in their selfish achievement. I do not mean that you need to please everyone in order to achieve or live but maybe being considerate about another soul can be a good start.

Right now, for all of those who have read my blog or even a post might not make sense of this particular post. I haven’t stated much as an incident as to how i came to this particular conclusion and honestly I’m not even in the frame of mind of writing about it. I’m in the middle of it and maybe when it does pass or when i start clearing the debris, I will write more on why every word in this post is written this way.

Till all HELL settle after the ‘break loose’ episode, I shall be the one surviving.




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