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Silent Despair

Loneliness spreads over,

Covering every nook and corner,

Once stood a place of happiness,

Now lies in shades of darkness…

The silence crawls through,

Even through the day that is bright,

Words are never spoken or heard,

Nothing cuts through the echoes of Earth…

Emptiness and sorrow,

Wiped through the fort of life,

We cringe,

We wait,

We never sleep,

We never made it to the creek…

Happiness deluded us,

Left us in pain,

That one soul may smile in content,

While the other rots in silent despair….


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Words of TRUTH! Speaks out everything I would want to say in a lifetime!


I know you are sad, and I know you despair,
I know it can feel as though nobody cares,
That nobody listens to what you will say,
But do keep on speaking, go on anyway.

Speak with your heart, wear it plain on each sleeve,
Speak of your pain and the reason you grieve.
Pour out your hurt and the ache that you hide,
Pour out the tears that you’ve left still uncried.

It’s hard to explain all the thoughts in your head,
The reasons and feelings you wish you were dead.
You’re confused and alone, so what can you do?
Please heed this one thing that I’m asking of you.

Write of the sorrows and ghosts from your past,
Write down the questions that you’ve left unasked.
Tell of the scars too innumerable to add,
Tell of the bumps and the knocks that you’ve had.

Not everyone listens or…

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It’s a happy day!

Seeing the blue skies,
The crashing waves,
Silence of the drive,
Your heart is at delight.

Look into yourself,
See what’s in your heart,
That which gave you pain,
Will also give you gain.

Seek not to be more,
Strive not be lesser,
Walk on Earth knowing,
This moment matters.

It’s a Happy Day!

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