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Known anybody in your life who can be a good companion and at the same time turn around and be a Bitch for life!!!

Gosh I just know someone and it’s irritating the hell outta me!!! Urgh!!! The reason why it gets to me is because for once I cant make up my mind on what sort she is? or maybe how I need to treat her in return?

I’m not the kind who judges people on the 1st meeting or even later  because I very much believe everybody has a reason to be doing what they are doing, even though it reflects negatively or positively on others. What bothers me right now is in-despite of me not judging her, I still cant figure out how I need to react to this person.  Should I be a cold bitch when she is to me? should I still share a laugh with her knowing that maybe, just maybe the next second she is just going to back-stab me with something (God knows what??)

Hmmmmm, Hummmmmm, Mmmmmmmmm and a bleak noise ………………………

I’m reacting badly because she is getting on my nerves and I know this post could have a lot of mistakes but I’m just writing this whole thing at the heat of the moment. Ok, it’s hard to get her so I’m just going to take it as it comes!!!


Who's the Bitch Now???



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It’s Coming!! Oh darn, it’s here…

It’s been a CRAZY week!! Don’t ask me why, how or what happened? Every possible thing that you could think of had slipped into my neat, not so crazy life and created havoc and imbalance in every ounce possible. I look at it more like a whirlwind or better yet, a subtle earthquake with a freaking ‘HIGH’ magnitude.

Enough about how crazy it can get but as many of us sometimes state on & off ‘Life goes on’. It sure does!

Life, I state is one big GAME OF GAMBLE! This does not mean that it’s merely controlled by ‘Luck or Fate’, rather of ‘Control freaks’ who are so obsessed in winning.


Winning is another episode. An episode that people are very happy about the fact that they got their way. Rarely thinking of how many hearts or lives they would have broken, they pop the champagne in their selfish achievement. I do not mean that you need to please everyone in order to achieve or live but maybe being considerate about another soul can be a good start.

Right now, for all of those who have read my blog or even a post might not make sense of this particular post. I haven’t stated much as an incident as to how i came to this particular conclusion and honestly I’m not even in the frame of mind of writing about it. I’m in the middle of it and maybe when it does pass or when i start clearing the debris, I will write more on why every word in this post is written this way.

Till all HELL settle after the ‘break loose’ episode, I shall be the one surviving.




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