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Lonely is the night

Winding up alone,
On a cold winter night,
Heart’s all sore,
With no one to cry with.
They might come with you,
Maybe for some time,
No one to hold you,
All through the night.
Such is the way of life,
The wise men said,
They never told you,
What it actually felt like.
Here I’m,
For better or worse,
Pouring my own drink,
To hell on Earth.


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They looked at you with sad eyes,

Your heart couldn’t bear the sight.

It’s not that there was no choice,

But you still insisted and tried.


Someone called you up at midnight,

There was fear and disappointment in their voice.

You were so sleepy and tired,

Yet, you stayed up and listened to their plight.


He had too much of work in the night,

All he could do was breathe – alright.

You saw that and prayed for his fight,

Because you were the one consoling his fright.


Sometimes we give it all we got,

We never hold back.

What’s in it for you?

You may ask,

There is nothing left at all,

Just a space filled with others lives.

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Now & forever

Waking up to a night,
With you by my side,
The warmth of your skin,
Keeping me safe through the night..
Holding your hands,
Sleeping on the curve of your arm,
Feeling your breath on me,
Is all I need…
With every touch,
Every smile,
Happiness has visited us,
To delight our hearts…
With a kiss,
You feel close to me,
Even though it’s sore,
It’s more than what my heart could speak,
To let you know,
It’s now, if not forever…

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No one!

No one’s waiting on the other side,
No one to hold your hand,
Because life is not about two,
But one – You!

No one is going to wipe your tears dry,
No one will show you the way,
Your destiny was yours to choose,
It’s your own life.

You would spend time wandering,
You would stop and think,
Sometime you would stare into void,
But you are still unaware.

Live like you would die,
Because death is already a part of life,
From the time you were born,
To eternity.

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Bruised and battered but just not in literal terms. Trying to recover from a viral flu, catching up on loads of missed work because you had to call in sick and then to top it all, we have to run a one-of-a-kind industry internship programme in Marketing Communications that starts tomorrow. Life’s just crazy. Worked completely long hours during the weekend and I just returned home, dead and barely breathing. To add to my misery and hardship, I have to get to work early and I have less that 6 hours to get sleep and now I’m blogging. All of this made me realize only one thing which quite a lot of people say when they have to dismiss the so called life – ”You can go on in life long after you can’t’…

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Our Life!

On days like this,
And times like today,
I see your face,
Which lights up my way…

On times like this,
When you hold me tight,
I feel the whole world,
Has surrendered to my like.

If my love is true,
And our times are real,
We will see our way,
To the end…

End of time,
To the end of days,
You in my heart,
Will be the game of choice.

Choice is free,
Freedom is eternity,
You and I,
The mark of our journey,
That’s destined for life.

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IMG_20130616_160443In my standards, the 3 things that makes life better…. Written at the beach and when the waves wash away this, we can do it all over again…

Just like Life 🙂

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