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No one!

No one’s waiting on the other side,
No one to hold your hand,
Because life is not about two,
But one – You!

No one is going to wipe your tears dry,
No one will show you the way,
Your destiny was yours to choose,
It’s your own life.

You would spend time wandering,
You would stop and think,
Sometime you would stare into void,
But you are still unaware.

Live like you would die,
Because death is already a part of life,
From the time you were born,
To eternity.


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I’m hitting low,

With nowhere to go,

Bleary eyes and a faint heart,

Seems to be the company that lasts.

This is enough is all I say,

Yet I wake up to the same old day.

I talk of changes and many better things,

Yet the change deludes me every morning.

I want to break out of this,

I want to break free,

The people and things around me,

Keep sucking me into this misery.

There is no hope,

Neither is love,

Nor there will be peace,

Until the day I die.

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It's time to look back

Are we looking ahead or shoud we look back?

I think I have been promising myself to write and never got around to do it. I was most probably busy living life in the highway 🙂 well at some point you got to slow down and turn away into a corner just to ponder. This time I had a valid reason to ponder and I never chose the corner this time, it chose me. I’m going to obviously write about something that we are all aware of but maybe never think often enough about the possibilities that it could be us or it could happen to any one of us or anyone we know. So yes, if you were expecting some light hearted article, this post is seriously not for you. If you still want to go ahead and read, it’s all at your own risk.

I was actually doing promo shopping at the super market when my phone rang. I answered it with million of other things stuck on my hand because it was my bestie on the other end. The moment I heard her voice I knew something was wrong but I was hoping that it was not about someone who died. Really, I actually didn’t want to hear it (Don’t think of me as rude here, but I was clearly not having a good day). She said something that totally disturbed me all the way on my journey back home.

All of us can relate to death in some way. It maybe someone in your family, a friend or someone you met once or just an obituary notice that you went through. It’s how it affects you that could change everything about you. I’m still changing… I have lost quite a bit and heard quite a bit and felt quite a bit that molds me for better or worse!

Every morning I pass a burial ground on my way to work. I do not if that is a lucky sign but it certainly is on the way. I passed it today too like any other day but this time I read the names and the years and that were written. I had no idea who they were but it got me thinking? How many of you ever pass a burial ground and think of the lives people have lived. Have you ever wondered what kind of stories they would tell? What are the changes they would have made if they were given an hour, a day, or even a year to live? Were they proud of everything they did in life? Were they missed every single day by their loved ones’? Did people visit their grave anymore?  – Perhaps I only have one answer: I don’t know!

What I do know for now is that I can share certain things that still keep a memory alive…so let’s just grab a coffee and go at it 🙂

PS: Await Part 2

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