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A very genuine piece that everyone in the Social Media scene (like everyone) should read – Why giving up Facebook is a good thing.

Good Things Run Wild

Originally published as “The Sosyal Network” in the Manila Bulletin, October 26, 2011

I recently shut down my Facebook account. This is partly for pragmatic reasons: doing so has saved me a lot more time for work and leisure reading. It is partly for security reasons: like most people, I live with an exaggerated sense of self-importance, and am in constant fear of creepy strangers looking at my bikini photos.

I do not regret it. Getting rid of my Facebook account has liberated me from the bondage of constantly keeping up with my peers. I no longer know where everyone else is going and with whom and what they are doing there, and I no longer feel bad or uncool about not being there too. It has also saved me the trouble of trying to find good photos of myself to post, and evaluating my self-worth on the number of…

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Sometimes you feel lonely. Loneliness is not a bad thing but maybe it is not pleasant. Who in the world thinks of spending time with oneself thinking about days that were for better or worse? The ironic thing about loneliness is that as much as you feel it, you are unable to express it to another person, how and what it makes you feel? Most importantly, the question is also about if the other person actually cares or would he/she try to understand where you are coming from? I think that’s where all loneliness stems from. Let’s imagine this….

If there was one person who would spend a copious amount of time with you and just not say anything but listen to you and talk to you (sense, of course) only when you prod them, would you find yourself lonely?

This feeling, surrounded by countless of people moving so fast around you, all you hear is a whiz and maybe things falling around, yet you stand still among many because for some odd moment, your life decides to pause and mind you, this is not something where you stop and stare at someone you love or even pick a one dollar bill, this is more or less you are caught in a moment that you did not know what you need to do or focus. Lack of focus is also a cause of loneliness. It is that void that no one can fill because the absence of focus is the presence of loneliness.

Why do I write this boring post of loneliness? It is for the mere reason the feeling of loneliness washed me when I listened to one melody that made me realize that there was this person I spent 3 days with me and I still do miss them. There is this place that I believe for some weird reason my heart trusts is a place for them. No! this is not crazy love or some earth shattering feeling but more or less a company that I enjoyed so much, made me a better person but didn’t last long because life has it’s twisted ways of bringing and taking things – recycling but with different materials, in this context, different people.

Crazy, crazy loneliness! You are better off without me and I always think your stay should not be prolonged but who am I to get you out. I rather let you stay so that one day, you will feel that I can never make you feel any special than this. Maybe then, you might decide there are more people who might appreciate loneliness, like I did. You might never but I will love you for that void you bring and know that one day, maybe one person will fill it because he/she decided that good things are never left empty.

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Monday was crazy! Welll, I did not think it would be any less but I had gotten through the madness and carefully closed up the day to hopefully move on to a better Tuesday – ‘One can only hope’. This is what made me thinking. How many of us are waiting for ‘moments’ to happen in our life? We put so much of effort into thinking of that ‘wow’ or ‘gah’ and some of us go to the extent of planning it and we are always by and large proved that life throws us a different ‘wow’ or a ‘gah’. Now most of you would go like “what the hell is she talking about?”

What I’m talking about? We are humans, the very simple kind who are trained to the conform sort of life by the society. We are taught what a moment should be like. We are provided by guidelines for a moment. A moment should feel like butterflies in your stomach or walking on a floating cloud or simply the highest feel point in your life. When you do look back on life with the most prominent times, were your moments as identical as this? I’m not telling you that they are not meant to feel this way but I’m asking you if what you planned is what you felt?

Moments for me are when life catches you off guard and you are letting things happen to you. This could be you performing one of your random acts of kindness, or organizing a surprise party for the one you love, better yet, maybe the wedding that you always wanted. All of these would take a considerable amount of planning along with the plans for the response as well. I know all of you would agree that plans don’t go 100 percent to your liking. That moment when things happen (the ones that you didn’t plan for) is the moment of your life. The ones that you would one day hopefully sit on a porch telling stories of your youth to your grandchildren or just the reminiscing of memories…. Your response, innocent and unguarded is your moment in life.

Let it happen! Let yourself experience new things, open up your arms to a world of possibilities. Let your memories be the ones that happened to you because you trusted in life so much it gave you nothing but the best to keep, in your heart. The place that you leave will be the place that gave you so much of happiness in moments because you opened up yourself for the experience because you trusted that you deserved the best.

Planning is good. Questioning is good. Curiosity is the best to let yourself be reassured that moments like ‘this’ will happen only when you know not what to expect but being open to the challenge of trusting what life will throw at you with all what you remember when you re-collect those mini events that made it all up to your ‘wow’ & ‘gah’…

Let it happen!

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Bruised and battered but just not in literal terms. Trying to recover from a viral flu, catching up on loads of missed work because you had to call in sick and then to top it all, we have to run a one-of-a-kind industry internship programme in Marketing Communications that starts tomorrow. Life’s just crazy. Worked completely long hours during the weekend and I just returned home, dead and barely breathing. To add to my misery and hardship, I have to get to work early and I have less that 6 hours to get sleep and now I’m blogging. All of this made me realize only one thing which quite a lot of people say when they have to dismiss the so called life – ”You can go on in life long after you can’t’…

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With my favorite beer, in a hidden place… Bliss is the word for life….

Next time anyone stopping by at Sri Lanka… Don’t forget to have a Lion Beer…. You would never regret it…


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I know not!

You are,
What you will be,
There is change in the horizon,
That leaves you willingly,
Life ticks by,
In moments of passing by,
You barely breathe,
You forget to live,
Because life’s making you busy,
With the unseen…
What is this?
Do I know?
I know not but to live,
In harmony,
In melody,
But with a picture,
That is unreal…

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There is nothing more precious than this moment. Here is now. The feeling that embraces you knowing that this moment is the happiest that you will ever be is a great achievement in life. I have lived and I’m living. I’m not afraid to die at this moment when death conquers me. I have so many things going on in my life, it’s like a chaos house. Recruitment campaigns, a pending beer chat, key money to pay, moving into a new place, trying to get through a whole month, maybe a day, get a weirdo off my phone inbox – all of that but who cares?

It all falls into place when you dedicate yourself to living… Look around, the young trees are green, the dying ones are brown, the bird sings, the sun shines and the world moves… It’s all in place and it will continue to be so. There is nothing special. Being in a state of consciousness and not forgetting to breathe and most importantly feeling the inhalation and exhalation of breath will make it al-right.

Just breath yourself into life, NOW – This is all you got!

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